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An "Alternative" Me

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I guess really, this should simply be called "Me" - but as my older blog posts are ABDL related, this is really an alternative post!!! It's really just for anyone interested in learning more about me, but on demand, rather than me randomly creating a forum post!

I'm male. I'm currently 21. I'm a final year student at a West Midlands university in the UK, reading Computer Science. If I graduate with a 2:1 or 1st, I will start a job in Hampshire in a Computing field. I enjoy writing programs, but I'm not really skilled/geeky enough to do any seriously clever stuff - I am happy to use Linux and Windows, but I don't know enough to be a systems admin or anything!

I like watching TV and Movies - and I enjoy drama/comedy/thriller/animated shows - but I'm not too keen on historical or romantic genres if I can help it! My favourite film is Shaun of the Dead, followed closely by Hot Fuzz. My favourite TV show at the moment is probably Doctor Who.

I have a PS3 and a gaming PC - I am fairly good at most FPS games, I love Call of Duty! I also enjoy platform and 3rd person games; looking forward to LA Noire soon. If chilling with mates, I like to play FIFA as well.

I enjoy a good tipple, and am a fan of Real Ale - I plan to join CAMRA at some point! My ideal night out would be a bar or pub, then back home for some tipsy gaming really!

I have a passion for cooking, especially the sadistic art of cooking with *hot* chillis. There are many things I enjoy doing, but not intensively enough to call a hobby.

In the future, I hope to travel to Australia, the USA, South America, and Japan or Thailand.

I have a very bubbly personality, undercut with rapier wit and sarcasm. I also have a habit of being the first to see an innuendo...

So, that's pretty much me in a *metaphorical* nutshell. To see me in an actual nutshell, you either need to compress me to the size of a nut, or grow one hell of a GM crop... But don't worry, I'd do the shelling myself!


  1. eeyore's Avatar
    Oh and I'll listen to most types of music - I prefer indie rock and pop, but I'll usually only turn my nose up at heavy metal/screamo rock, and heavy rapping!
  2. Chimera's Avatar
    Gamer!? Duude we should game sometime! lol. Do you have bad company 2?
  3. Moonlight's Avatar
    SAUN OF THE DEAD AND HOT FUZZ ARE MY LIFE!! you should see "Paul" and "Run fat boy run" with all the same actors and similar comedy style
  4. eeyore's Avatar
    I've seen Run Fat Boy - waiting on some cash to rent Paul! I watch anything with Simon Pegg or Nick Frost in tbh - hope to see attack the block soon too!

    @DusTochNiet, not Bad Company 2 I'm afraid! I have MW2 and Black Ops on ps3, and Borderlands on PC. More too, but too much to mention! - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.