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No you can't have her! ;)

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So today I went shopping with my fiance in another town close by where I live and she let me wear diapers ALL DAY!

I made myself an activity packet and colored in it on the car ride to the other town. We stopped first to get a snack because I didn't eat breakfast. So we shared a kids meal! YES she actually asked if I wanted a kids meal and of course I said yes! I got a cool toy!
Nothing too crazy happened until I needed to change. As soon as I got in the bathroom I took off my wet diaper and started to put on a new one. Of course because I was not only rushing because I was in panic mode, the last tab I tried to fasten, broke. (I wear the walgreens brand, this happens once in a while and I know there are better brands out there, but I like them. Mostly I like cheap!) Well an old lady came in just after I tore the tab. I knew she was an old lady because I saw her walk in the resturant before heading to the bathroom. I just frooze and stood there. I don't know how to explain it but I didn't want to continue because this old lady could barely stand up straigt and she didn't need a diaper so I waited until she was done and left the bathroom to continue. But really, if an old old lady who could barely stand up straight, used a cane walked in a 2 stal bathroom would you continue on changing your diaper? I couldn't!

I was actually surprised I only needed to change once because the day before (yesterday) I went to the bathroom like 5 times just at work! Then again I did eat watermellon ;) That and today I did stay wet for awhile, but I wasn't as wet as I usualy am. But yeah...

I had a blast today! And to think just a few years ago she was telling me she thought I was weird and she basically didn't want to see me in a diaper! And now she lets me have my baby days! PLUS I didn't have to drive AND I got dairy queen.

She is my everything! I love her! And she has NO idea but she is so much more beautiful and attractive that she lets me be the kid I want to be!


  1. BabyBeau's Avatar
    Acceptance is a beautiful thing. It makes others more beautiful to us as well.

    Sounds like a wonderful day!
  2. Bobbie's Avatar
  3. user13640's Avatar
    Sounds like a cool day.
  4. LovelyLily's Avatar
    That's really wonderful to hear. =) My wifey are pretty much open minded like yours.
  5. duckie's Avatar
    Thanks for the comments! I really wish everyone could have a special someone so we all could share our happy stories! All in good time I guess...
  6. Littleabgirl's Avatar
    D'awww, Happy for you! xxx - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.