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Sorry I have been away for a bit, my internet was down for about 2 weeks. but anyways im back now and thats whats important. and Ive got lots to talk about!

First about work, since being hired I have been pretty busy, tv's not working, garbage disposals needing changed, and a pool that needs drained, cleaned, painted and power washed before it can be filled, and the rain has been making that extremely hard. I have had fun though and I make sure I keep busy so im not just sitting around doing nothing. Tomorrow I have to go in during the afternoon to do some cross training, so I will know how to make reservations and check guests in. So that should be fun. The head of housekeeping is leaving on Monday, and that will hopefully relieve a little stress between the housekeepers there, its not that she is a bad person or anything because she is really nice and I get along great with her, its just she doesn't use time and the housekeepers very efficiently, like there is one housekeeper who has worked all week but hasn't cleaned a single room, she has just been up the head of housekeepings butt. Thats about all I have on whats been going on at work since Ive been gone.


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  1. Ronbeast's Avatar

    It's cool that you are getting more comfortable with your work conditions. Sucks about the depression though, but be happy that you have such an awesome friend that will help you through it.

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  2. cweezy928's Avatar

    And yeah work has been going a lot better than i expected a lot of nice people. And I was surprised about her actually wanting to help me without me even having to ask, i always thought people were my friends just because I was around, you know what i mean? but after that talk ive realized i was totally wrong
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