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Kinky Kapers of Kaworu!

Breaking out of my emo shell!

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When I first found ADISC, I spent many hours posting about how horrible my past was, about how utterly horrific my present life was, and how horrible my future was.

I was a real cunt, because I was convinced that nobody understood what I was going through, and I used that foolish thinking to discredit everybody who tried to talk some sense into me.

I now have the humbling knowledge that my terminal uniqueness was complete bullshit from the start. And I now have the knowledge that nobody was impressed with my tales of how horribly depressed and unhappy I was.

I would like to go out and make proper amends to everybody I drove away and/or pissed off over the last decade with my cuntish nature - I don't know how, though. I now have come to appreciate much of what they have said to me, even if I chose to dismiss it completely at the time.

Heh, don't know what else to say here.

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  1. gigglemuffinz's Avatar
    I don't think you should be all that harsh on yourself. I may not know how you were before, but a lot of the time it just feels good to let out the stuff you've been bottling in about your life. This place is a support site, after all and while sometimes it can be sad to see someone who refuses to acknowledge that they are not alone.. this site, this energy is supposed to be about support. We are supposed to support you in your times of emotional angst, at least.. that's what I think.
  2. Talula's Avatar
    Kawuro, I must say, as someone who's been around longer than you, and seen your journey over the past year and a bit, you have come such a long way! Anyone who takes 5 minutes to read a post or blog from then, and then one from now would notice such a huge huge difference!

    I find one of the symptoms of depression is the inability to recognise that people want to help you and might actually be talking some sense!

    But look at you now
  3. KaworuVsDrWily's Avatar
    Talula, my self-esteem will get a major boost when you finally start spelling my name right. :P

    Thanks, though.
  4. Dwhite's Avatar
    I would agree with Talula. I have been reading you're blog for a while and the progress you've made is amazing. With a parent who is not quite an alcoholic but certainly lacks self control it is nice to see somebody have success in the area. On a lighter note I'm still waiting for the blog title "Damn, my arm fell off."
  5. Talula's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by KaworuVsDrWily
    Talula, my self-esteem will get a major boost when you finally start spelling my name right. :P

    Thanks, though.
    I'm sorry, it's been too long now for me to change. It's ingrained into my head the wrong way!

    Think of it like... your own special nickname from me - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.