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Vlesi-Slip Compact Plus Review

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Okay, here's a review for the vlesi-slip compact plus nappy if anyone ever finds it useful. I'll focus on the following areas:

  • Buying
  • Price
  • Shipping and Delivery
  • Appearance
  • Absorbency
  • Overall


I ordered my pack of 90 through Amazon from TenderCare/Tanner Bros, which is the same company that does the TenderCare nappies I reviewed last time.


The price is reasonable: 39.50 plus delivery. You get 90 nappies so according to my calculator it comes out as 0.44 per nappy (roughly).


The package comes in a black polyethylene covered unit. It's about the same size as an old Hp LaserJet 2200 printer (since I've used most of them up I can't actually measure the packet!). There are 3 bags of 30 nappies.


The appearance is quite striking. The nappies are a sort of very faint purpley-pink colour with a pinstripe design in a darker purple/violet, just like a business suit! My first thought was that they looked a tiny little bit like Molicare nappies re. the colour and stripes.

They have 2 tapes on either side which can be resealed. The tapes are very strong and hold to the nappy well. They tear the plastic if you try to take it off, so there's no Abena-style problems with tapes here!

The wetness indicator consists of blue writing in the middle that blurs upon wetness.

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They feel soft inside and not too flimsy. They are quite comfortable to wear but can get a bit hot inside after a while. They also can irritate your legs a little bit, but if you put on a little bit of baby powder where the leg-bands meet your legs then it's not a problem (as well as makes you smell babyish )


The absorbency of the nappy is good. They're the least absorbent out of the range but will hold 3 to 4 regular wettings, maybe even 2 big wets if you are lucky enough but after that they can leak.

The only problem is bleeding through the plastic backing. That happens periodically but it can be a bit of a pain. It all depends on whether you sit or lie down, as it seems that compression can cause liquid to squish out (sorry for anyone who is turned green by that "too much detail!").

The nappies have elastic leak-guards (standing) that are very good. I've had no "overspill" down the sides.

I'd not reccomend urinating lying down as there is no waistband so do be careful if you're a bloke/lad as you can have a wet t-shirt if you are not mindful of where Percy is positioned!

The nappies do contain SAP and swell up not too badly. For anyone who's had Tena Slip Plus, don't expect it to go fully rigid but it's not too soft either.


Overall these are great nappies for the price (44p each plus P&P) and due to me having low funds I will be buying these again. They are a very good basic nappy that are good value for money and come in a large quantity.

You can't go wrong with them if you're after a basic bargain-basement nappy.


They are incredibly like Molicare Air briefs in feel, appearance and absorbency. However it has been literally 3 years this month since I last wore Molicare Air so they may have changed since then!

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    you should make this an article.
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    Cool I'm glad you like it How do I get it nominated for an article?
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    please note that these nappies now are the cloth like material, and i find these now tend to leak, this is after the last pack ordered in july 13. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.