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My girlfriend and her hunt for a purple giraffe.

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I though this was kinda funny so I figured I'd share.

A few days ago my girlfriend asked me a question, that question was "What is your favorite animal?"

I answered: "Purple giraffes, with yellow dots!"

I later figured out that she has been trying to find a purple giraffe for me online. Not an actual giraffe, but a plushie one. She said she found one, but it wasn't very cute so now she is just gonna buy me a regular giraffe plushie. I'm fine with that!

I think she has gone mad though, she's looking for a paci with a giraffe on it now. Also, she was talking about footie pajamas too

I like being pampered (not the diaper kind..) from time to time, but this is a little overwhelming.



  1. LunaCat's Avatar
    If only being overwhelmed by acceptance was the biggest problem most ABs face lol.

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