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My current family of instruments.

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I figured I would document this as a future reference for myself because my gear changes pretty frequently and sometimes I loose track, I also noticed that some people on this site are quite interested in a few of my projects.

Guitars / basses

1) My 2001 cort gb44 (bass, aka the dirty b***h) - this was my only bass for the first two years I played, its stock except for the copper shielding tape I applied to the inside cavity and the jazz bass knobs it's currently wearing. It's always strung with a set of GHS med-light guage boomers for longscale basses. no exceptions.

2) My franken p-bass ( AKA the four string groove) - cheesy nickname, I know. But my buddy nicknamed it. It's the bass in my profile pic to the right. I'd list all of the modifications it has, but it's easier to list whats stock. The only things that are stock are the bridge, one of the knobs, and the pickguard (which has been painted). Currently it has a seymour duncan quarter pounder pickup and is strung with a set of four year old d'addario chrome flatwound strings.

3) 2003 squier standard stratocaster (guitar) - Picked this up in November, definitly a keeper. I love the feel and the colour. Currently, it's stock and strung with a set of fender strings (Don't remember the guage). In the next few months this one is going to be getting a new tremolo with a full sized steel trem block, a new set of gotoh tuners , as well as a set of GFS Lil killer pickups and a new wiring scheme.

4) 1996 Ibanez rx-60 (guitar) - This is currently out of commission. I'm trying to get a new neck but it's hard to track down a 22-fret neck for an ibanez guitar. This thing is in need of some serious lovin' , I'm going to refinish it in arctic white when I get the chance and then I'm going to put a dimarzio "humbucker from hell" in the neck position and a seymour duncan trembucker in the bridge. I'm gonna keep the stock trem, but I'm gonna get a brass block for it and a set of graphite bridge saddles.

5) 2004 Ibanez GSR something or other (guitar)- This technically belongs to my sister, I used it for a while when I was learning. I might modify it a bit when I get the chance.

Amps / pedals

1) Fender frontman 15b (amp) - This was my first bass amp, I think it's run it's course in that life as it has become obsolete. But one thing I have noticed is that it has a decent amount of power and sounds pretty good for guitar. As a result, I'm going to take the guts out of this amp and put them in a custom enclosure that I made and use it as my guitar amp.

2) Fender rumble 150 (amp) - This is my current main bass amp. It has 150 watts of power so it's loud enough for me to use at gigs without having to carry around a huge stack of cabs and heads. It's 100% stock, that is until the warranty runs out, then I might get some new speakers.

3) MXR distortion plus (pedal) - I use this for both bass and guitar, quite a nice little pedal for the price actually. It's stock, I don't think I will modify this one because it sounds nice as is.

4) Boss ceb-3 (pedal) - This is a chorus pedal that was designed for use with a bass guitar. I prefer to use it with guitar. It has a good lowend and it's pretty versatile, but I only use chorus when I play songs by bands like "Brand New".

I have more gear than this, but I think I'll save that for another time as it may take a while to document. Pretty much all of the stuff listed is in my "keeper" pile. I don't think I could part ways with any of my mutant gear.

Stuff in the works :

1) An 8-string bass guitar, solid maple body in a similar setup as the Gibson rd-artist bass.
2) Spruce 4-string jass/precision bass, similar setup to the fender mark hoppus.
3) Classic telecaster, this is a present for my sister when i get around to it.
4) Repair the Ibanez rx-60.
5)A second p-bass, all maple body, dimarzio pickup, and some other tricks.
6)Build a couple of necks for some of my guitars and possibly sell a body to one of my friends.

That's all for now folks.


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