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Oh Apple, what did I do to you?

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Long story short, My computer has been at the apple store for three weeks.

EXPANDED Short story, It was freezing for quite some time, I took it in, they couldn't fix it so they sent it to the depot and they replaced some parts and wiped my hard drive and sent it back to me. I took it home, turned it on and it froze. So I took it back, they sent it to Austin again where Austin is basically going to refurbish the whole machine free of charge.

Of course, it took so long for them to figure out that it needed to be refurbished, (apparently my computer is super good and not telling people why it's broken) that I have now left Oklahoma and have gone back home for the summer. Now I am waiting for it to get mailed to Oklahoma City so it can get mailed to the closest Apple store near me. Le sigh.

So I have been checking this website from my phone for the past... many days.

Speaking of this website, I am so glad I found it. I love the way it is set up and the decency rules and the friendly atmosphere. So I hope to spend this summer meeting new friends and expanding my discussions. And also waiting to go back to school because I really do not want to spend three months without diapers.

Thank you, Adisc, for being so awesome. Here's to hoping I get to know you better soon.



  1. LunaCat's Avatar
    Three weeks? wtf? Need to call them and complain. They should just replace it at that point.

    I've always had great luck with them.

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