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It's about time good things started to happen...

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The past few months have been somewhat harrowing for me, mainly because of having to leave my job, and also the crappy spring we've had. The weather is getting better, and I'm feeling better about a lot of things. I'm working on several projects that are helping keep me busy.

I'm also looking forward to having fun tonight with friends downtown. I need to get out once in a while and see some friends. I've been mostly staying at home and minding my own business with a few XBox 360 and PS2 games lately. Playing certain games helps me relax somewhat. I recently beat campaign mode on Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and I'm playing Call of Duty 4. I also have been working on Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. Plus, I've been writing a lot too.

Another thing is I've cut back on the drinking. I need to do that. I need to cut back. When I was working the night shift, I drank pretty much every night I worked because I would get so wired and have a hard time relaxing. I admit I drank more than I should have back then. Now, I am working on getting to only 1-2 days a week with booze and maybe down to 1 night a week.

So, tonight will be a little bit fun for me. I need to have some fun once in a while and just enjoy myself out with friends I worked with and just hang. That's the plan tonight, and watch the Cleveland Indians game on a TV that's 10X larger than my analog tube TV that I've had since Dec. 8, 1999. Well, my two cents for today.

Some advice to everyone- Enjoy life. Never know what whill happen so enjoy it while you can.

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