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Mom, I love you with all my heart. But, you have a terrible tendency of finding all of my TB related items...

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Sometimes I often wonder to myself : "How do people manage to get caught with diapers and pacis and all of that stuff? It's pretty easy to hide when you think about it."

Then there are days like yesterday that just make me feel like I'm not as stealthy as I think I am. Some people get caught with maybe a paci or something, or maybe they face catastrophe when their entire stash is discovered. I myself managed to get caught 4 times in one day. Here's how the story went:

I woke up yesterday morning to the sound of my mom in my room, she was picking up my laundry.. It's nice to be home for a week, but when she was pretty much in my personal space, I'm not so much a fan of that. Well, I had left my paci on the table next to my bed and she noticed it but never said anything. Which I'm not complaining about. She resumed picking up clothes, she checked under my bed and wouldn't y'know it? She saw a diaper and powder, awesome...

At this point I just left and got a shower. When I came back she had left the room. I went out for breakfast and she said she had placed a few pairs of jeans on the top shelf of my closet. Clean jeans are all fine and dandy, but not when that's where you keep your stash when you are home for a week and there is an AIO cloth diaper and a few odds and ends laid out in the open. Odds and ends being a few pacifiers, a sippy cup, 12 disposable diapers, etc..

I guess mom was just cleaning up because I was heading back to the big city today and I had to be prepared and make sure I had everything. So, we drove to my apartment in the city. Mom had brought some clothes for me so that I'd have something clean to wear duing the week, so of course it needed to be packed away. I started doing the dishes and when I got back all of the clothes were packed away. Awesome! I looked in the top drawer of my dresser. no clothes? I looked in the middle drawer of the dresser, again no clothes. But that's strange, considering the only thing I keep in the bottom drawer is.. my other stash...

Of course mom, you had to put all of the clothes in the drawer with my diapers and other pacis and whatnot.. thanks for the clothes , but next time I think we will have to do it differently..



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    My mom prety much did the same. I once slept with my paci, and she woke me up the next morning with my paci right next to my face, and she didn't seem to mind or care. Same goes with the diapers. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.