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Back to the grind stone.

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Well, I start college again tomorrow. At this point I'm almost a third of the way through, only two more years to go.

It's pretty difficult, but I should do fine. On to more important matters.

I'm usually pretty cautious , but last night I was very tired and got home pretty late. So, I just laid my pacifier on the table next to my bed. Well, my mom woke me up and started cleaning my room...I think she noticed my pacifier but didn't say anything.

But, that's not the part that really stood out. I had a stash of diapers laid on a shelf in my closet and I'm not out to my parents about my fetish. My mom laid some pairs of jeans on the shelf, but I'm not sure if she noticed.

In my stash there was 14 TENA diapers, 1 AIO cloth diaper, a couple pacifiers and a sippy cup. It was all laid out in plain view ( I should have hidden it better, but I'm lazy...).

I think she might have noticed the diapers, there was one that I had worn previously that was ready to be thrown out. It wasn't "used" or anything, but I was gonna throw it out.

Well, it doesn't really matter. I don't live home anymore but I'd still like to keep this from my parents if possible.

Oh, on yet another related note. I started wearing diapers around my girlfriend and she doesn't mind if I wear them or not. She seems to smack my behind more frequently when I'm wearing, but I'm alright with that ;P

I guess thats it, My ideas aren't formulated very well but I'm still very tired. I'm going to go take a nap now.



  1. Near's Avatar
    Hey, I'm starting uni again tomorrow, too ^^. Hopefully we'll both have a good summer semester, eh?
  2. Ronbeast's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Near
    Hey, I'm starting uni again tomorrow, too ^^. Hopefully we'll both have a good summer semester, eh?
    Well, I hope you have a very good semester. I just got back from registration, things aren't looking good. I have to redo math in order to continue. I have to choose between either being set back half a year or being set back a full year.

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