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Yes, we've all been to the shops before, we all know what they look like.

But I spent a whopping 40. More than I usually do in a day.

Some odd things that I bought that bumped the price up on my weekly shopping.

  1. Bought three storage box containers 40L each. To store some of my clothes when cycling them in my laundry cycle. Enough to hold a load. And box to hold all my Various loose bits. As well as now my "health beauty" one. I don't have a draw for this stuff. It's a box of tissues, sprays, medecines, razors etc....
  2. I bought 12 boxes of Anti-histamine, they were on offer, plus they always seem to be out of stock when I need them, so I'm stock piling and passing the unavailability issue to some one else! I am so thoughtful!
  3. new razor, I lost my original one months ago, probably when moving. Since then I have been using disposable ones. Not the greatest. but I didn't have too many issues with them. As well as I used to shave with just generic brand razors without the handle. Again, something I got contemplation with poor results. Hopefully, I will have a decent shave from now on.
  4. A sippy cup seting me back 4. Totally worth it. Cheap ones are cheap. This one is proper good, with rubber nozel and silicon valve. All easy grip on the outside and nice to hold. Not some shoddy horrible plastic.

I also bought some tissues, but this has menthol smell to it! I didn't realize it till I had to blow my nose. Didn't know you could get tissues like that. Seems good for those with a very runny/stuff nose. So that was a pleasant surprise. Hopefully with the anti-histamine my rhinitis won't be so bad with hay-fever.

I did manage to drink some milk from my sippy cup. Wasn't too odd, but it did cause the odd sparkle or to in me. I don't know how to describe it, beyond the feeling you get when you turn around to see some one with a pleasant surprise. Always odd when that happens, in a way I love them, and then I hate them due to their randomness and not full understanding their cause. There are a lot of things I don't understand.

But today, also I played on the N64 with my housemates and played some Mario Kart 64. This game came out 15 years ago. I remember playing this on Christmas day! I realised how easy it is compared to the modern day variants. the 150CC was quite easy. But I joined in on my house mates playing balloon battle, I thought I'd chip in, as soon as they realised I still had a few tricks up my sleeve and kept winning, they all ganged up on me to stop me from winning! Plus the game is very buggy. Reasonable stable, but a lot of graphic messups that wouldn't be acceptable today.

It was fun, a rare opertunity when all of us were in the lounge with our laptops programming. The other people were programming on their assignments, I was programming something as a hobby, for the lulz. Apparantly I am strange for doing that. Programming is fun? You get a kick out of it when it works, very satisfying to see your creation work! A no longer a hypothetical idea.

I'm sure you've all seen this viral video from a few years back. I wasn't as excited as him, but still good to reminisce about the good ole times eh?
YouTube - Nintendo 64 Kid Remix

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