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Finally did it!

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I woke up this morning in my wet ^.^ diaper and it felt sooo good. I really enjoy pretending that I need to wear diapers, I can't explain why, I just do. I guess it's my AB side that doesn't want to admit that I've grown up or what..

So I laid in bed for a few minutes this morning and just decided I would wear a diaper to work!
I hopped in the shower and then rediapered myself. I even brought 2 extra diapers! Good thing I did because I had to change my diaper at work.

Feeling brave today! Lovin every second of it!

Maybe I'll wear all weekend too!

SN: Was in the pool the other day and had to pee really bad. Got out of the pool and just peed my pants! :) Felt kinda good, like in a naughty I need a diaper way...

Second time held it waaay to long and almost didn't make it! Well actually I didn't make it. I started wetting myself in the bathroom. Good thing I was already wet. would have been interesting to hide my pee pee pants!

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