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But on to that in a second. I had a dream about my X girlfriend last night and i woke up in a sour mood. We didn't break up on bad terms or anything, I was working all the time, and was moving out of state so things just ended, that was in '09. Since being back I found out she has been dating a friend of mine, which was fine with me. We hung out a few times since being back but I haven't seen her or talked to her since last July. I still have feelings for her but both times we dated it ended pretty quick, and I don't think being in a relationship would work. I just miss her friendship. She was one of my best friends in high school. But I feel like it would be awkward to get ahold of her out of the blue, since the last time we really had a conversation it was about us breaking up even though it was mutual and I really haven't even been in any contact with anyone of our friends, because of everything that was going on with me since being back. And it makes me feel bad that I don't talk to anyone anymore and that everyone has seemed to move on except me, but on the other hand no one has tried to even get a hold of me except for maybe my friends Charlie and Elizabeth, But ever since fall I haven't been in contact with them.

But about my first day! I went in at 2pm and got the rundown or the day to day again. Went out to the parking lot and took out trash, emptied all of the cigarette ash tray things (it makes me hate cigarettes even more now). that took a total of 20 minutes. after that I had to fill out tax papers, my boss basically dumped me on the general manager and she was really nice about helping me fill the load of papers out even though she was mad at my boss for not being the one to help with it. That took forever. I unpacked a bunch of refrigerators and Helped fix an AC unit. I got out at about 4:30. Tomorrow I am going in for a full day though at 10:30 so YAY!!!

But other than finally starting my job, Ive been pretty down about everything in my personal life I have no clue how to deal with any of it, and only having one car in my family and being broke doesn't help at all.

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    Congrats on getting some pretty decent hours haha. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.