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What to do?

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This last month of school has really left me thinking bout the future and all.. What happens next in my life and my friends life. People say the transition from highschool to college is one of the most grueling exercises one goes through transitioning from living with parents to making your own decisions.

Truthfully I'm not afraid. But when one goes through this process, is there times when some people just break? I'm worried I might. There are stories my math teacher has told us how some students break under the pressure and basically throw their money away dropping out the first semester.

I'm trying to make my life better i'm setting goals every day and yet these simple "highschool" goals won't do it through college. I want to be ready and prepare for college by possibly trying to do a kind of army camp homework schedule for the summer to be prepared.. Although I know to most such an idea is foolish and would only hurt my self mentally and or emotionally, I feel it is the best way to prepare for life in college.

Having ADD makes the idea of going to college an extreme bump in the road. If I am to live with this issue I need to figure out a system not when I get there, but before I reach the peak. If that requires my entire summer I am up to it. My question is will it work?


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    I made the transition from high school to college just last year. Honestly, it wasn't too bad. But that's my opinion, within my first semester I saw about 5 or more people drop out. Some of them were close friends of mine.

    The college life is pretty different, but I was already kinda used to it. When I'm home I take care of myself, my parents are just basically roomates. Sure they give me money and stuff, but there's plenty I do for myself.

    The biggest difference is studying. The amount of material you cover in college in the first year is equal to the amount you learn throughout your whole high school career. I was used to never studying at all in high school, I was the guy who always got decent marks regardless of whether he studied or not. When I got to college, I treated it the same way. I failed a course because of it..

    My advice is, be prepared for anything and always study. It only takes an hour to read over the notes you got during the days classes and form a basic understanding of them. It makes college so much easier.

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