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im not dead!

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thought you should know.

just been busybusybusy..

so job interview on tuesday, im pretty damn sure I can get the job, i've heard from the manager through Jay (our fellow forum lurker Auronjohnson) that he WANTS to hire me, he just couldnt when I put the application in, so on the 19th, i has job.

I do realize I still owe Customizer some money, but thats alright because i'll have him paid off before the deadline (if not, i'll have a good chunk of it done before may)

and in other news, i will be buying a 1995 Corsica from my friend Corey irl (TBE knows him, or atleast has met him and been to his house a few times in one day lol)

build is estimated to be done in 6 months!
TWO audioque HDC3 18" Aluminum Coil Beasts
TWO audioque 2200 amplifiers (200A o' current pull each running at 16V)

estimated DBz : 150DB+
reason for this : I need to do a 145+ in order to get this shop down the street to know I know what the fuck I am doing, a system to this shop is like a resume, a good ass system that gets louder than FUCK is like having a masters degree, gets me more money.
and besides, even if they wont hire me, its a good ass system to take to competitions and make some money at the local car shows. which, will do lovely things for my box building trade.

etc etc. you know how it works.

Peace out (i aint leaving, just slow to reply thats all)


  1. acorn's Avatar
    Rumors of your demise have been greatly exaggerated, sure, but what do you expect from our gossip columns, you stopped typing and left us to 'ass-u-me' the worst. You have nobody but yourself to blame.

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