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Cow Thoughts

A day in the life of Moo

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  • 10.20: get up
  • 10:20-10:30: shower, get dressed, comb hair, leave for job
  • 10:30-11: travel to job, getting breakfast and eating it while walking
  • 11: arrive at job
  • 11am-7pm: work on various projects at job - most of them tech in nature, such as log analysis, SEO, and database stuff
  • 7-8pm: travel home, shower, change out of job clothes, grab a snack
  • 8-11pm: work on ADISC stuff, answering PMs, dealing with request threads, sorting out various things, fix a bug or two, etc, usually with TV news on in background
  • 11pm-1am: eat dinner while playing videogames, like StarCraft II (c'mon rank 1, diamond league!)
  • 1-2am: prepare for bed - check job email to answer late-night requests, check off TO-DOs and make tomorrow's TO-DO list
  • 2am: bed, spend 30 minutes mentally winding down from the day
  • 2:30am: sleep

(times are approximate)


  • 6-8h sleeping, depending on if/how many times I wake up
  • 8-9 hours working at my job
  • 3-ish hours working on ADISC
  • 30-45 minutes eating
  • 2-3 hours of personal/fun time
  • 2 or so hours of misc things like travel and such

(again, times are approximate)

So, now, if you ever wanted to know "what's Moo's life like?" - now you know.
Well, you know about the weekdays. Weekends revolve around sleep, ADISC, and errands (like doing laundry, buying food, and so on).

Today's Cow Thoughts:

  1. Work on something you love, and it won't seem like work.
  2. For me at least, a good job tends not to be 9-5. It tends to involve longer hours (employers want unpaid overtime), but flexibility about when, during the day, you work those hours.
  3. Have a hobby. Preferably, a hobby which gives you lasting satisfaction by training your skills, challenging you, allowing you to help others, or some combination of these.
  4. Reserve time each day to let your hair down, and have some real fun.
  5. Plan your days. Know what you will do each day before it comes, and your days will be more productive. You won't always be able to stick to the plan, but having a plan ensures you'll get more done than if you had no plan.
  6. Make sure those quick but important things (like eating, taking your vitamins, etc) are in your plan.


  1. Noodle's Avatar
    Lol title remind you much of Beatles Song
    Cool day though
  2. Fruitkitty's Avatar
    Thinly-veiled brag about being able to get up for work as late as 10:20 IMO.
  3. acorn's Avatar
    Moo, I hope this explanation was not prompted by, a vexatious question from an un-named ‘established’ upstart.

    You do put in a lot work for us here, most of it in the background. I feel, that is unfortunate as it is easily overlooked.
  4. Grutzvalt's Avatar
    One of us...One of us... also. This is like my non-school days. Except I get up at 12-2pm and don't get up until about 6pm (Desktop connected to big TV in front of me, laptop next to me), get up in search for food, back to bed, wait for parents to come home, request dinner, continue with prior activity.
  5. Moo's Avatar
    @NFFC, Peachy: I have some tasks that must be done after 5pm, so I pretty much need to be on an 11-7 schedule rather than 9-5. It isn't a luxury - it is a necessity.
  6. Talula's Avatar
    I work 11 - 7 now too! We match!!

    Or sometimes 6pm - 2am. Or sometimes 11am - 2am. But mainly the first two!

    I wish I had a set routine, my whole life seems like a whirlwind of things I need to do, things I REALLY need to do, things I shouldn't be wasting my time on but do it anyway... Myabe I'll start writing more intensive to do lists to see if that sorts me out!
  7. recovery's Avatar
    I used to write to-do lists. They're not schedules as Peachy seems to get make it out to be. I write them as a reminded what to do, because I easily forget in the short term what I could be doing. Like at the moment it seems like it's good to do Job A, but Job B would of been better to do now. But Job B was thought of ages ago, and so it forgotten.

    I also catagorise the ToDo list. You have my Errands one with washing and stuff, Work related one further broken down sections/topics etc..

    It's mostly used for when you go "what can I do now?" and you look at the list and pick what's the most urgent and/or suitable to do now (like being with the nephew, work round him, not let him work around you ) so you maintain decent flexibility and efficiency/productivity.

    It's why I mostly carry a not pad down, write ideas I have down every now and then of things to do.

    Although, I know a guy, and I am kinda like him anyway who did overtime by coming in super early, but left on time. Ensured he controlled the amount of hours he spent on a job. And did all the stuff he wants in the morning before his boss told him what he should be spending his time on (which he'd often disagree with, but is reluctant to stick to him). I've woken up super early just to do that. Get those annoying bits of work done that really needs to be done.
  8. crazykittensmile's Avatar
    I write hundreds of to-do lists, and nice coloured timetables detailing how I should spend my days and divide up the hours in my day. But I never follow them and still rarely get anything done until it is a matter of complete urgency.
  9. ade's Avatar
    i like an hour to shower, i don't feel clean otherwise: rinse, soak, soap, rinse, soak, soap, scrub, soap, rinse, then a relaxing rinse (and this includes drying time afterwards).
    'course, that's not always practical; and heatwaves are just a stream of diving in and out to rinse and cool off.
  10. superduper's Avatar
    Love starting work late, and leaving late is a fine trade off!

    But wow, ADISC requires so much work, thankyou for your time!

    Lol, and sorry for sending you a pointless PM then too.
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