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I don't think I've been yelled at enough in my lifetime, wana give it a go too?

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I absolutely hate being yelled at. It's like I instantly go back to my childhood and the way it used to and still does make me feel, like I'm nothing. I'm just a punching bag for those around me. Had a bad day? Why not come yell at me for forgetting to do something. Get yelled at by your spouse? Why not take it out on me and get on me for the smallest thing I did wrong. I tried being invisable growing up by not talking, it worked for the most part but it didn't keep me from my job.
How does one grow up emotionally strong when kicked down every time you try to get back up. You don't. You just learn to stay down and hope you are overlooked.
Being in the profession I am (being around kids) I am constantly reminded of my experiences growing up. I don't remember a whole lot which is scary on it's own. Have I supressed something in partiular that was difficult for me to cope with? Or was it my whole childhood that was crapy, because the few memories that I remember still make my tummy upset like it just happened...
This is my best guess as to why I would rather be diapered, snuggling safely under my blankets, sucking my thumb.

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