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It's Looking Good

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Yesterday I stayed in all day for maybe two, lucky for 3 different deliveries. But only one came. No worries though, It was a pair of dungarees I ordered offline. I was just happy with that order alone.

I immediately put them on, and that evening I decided to wear them around the house with my housemates. One made a comment, "Nice dungarees [UnMarth]". It was a little embarrassing, but I kept my poker face on. Later that evening all of us were playing a card game in the front room to which the same person made the comment "[UnMarth] Looks like a big kid with those clothes". I smiled a little inside then.

This morning I got a phone call from a landline on my mobile. Answered it, but it was a silent call, I just said I couldn't hear them, and they hung up. I later googled the number and it turned out to be the place I ordered the padding and expected it to arrive yesterday, but never arrived . So I phoned them back, this time we could hear eachother and it turns out they didn't have the Abri-Forms I ordered in stock until today. And they could send it out for Monday. But I won't be here that week, so I just said to cancel the order, I'll order more when I get back home.

Given that, I decided to go to uni to work on my project more. Even though the third Parcel was something I ordered off ebay, I wouldn't mind if my house mates picked that up versus the diapers!

At uni I was working as you do... But it's an open lab and I know the general regulars there (as I'm one of them), and we've all come to know those few people who you ask for a question if your stuck on something, each of them with their specialist subject. Well, in this case I was asked a programming question by one of the females in another team from our own.

Well, she hadn't asked me any questions before, so I hadn't had any real clue what she was working on. So I pulled a chair and sat next to her and listened to her little problem. It was a trivial problem, but I could understand her difficulties with using software libraries that she didn't write and using a poor IDE that didn't really give her hints on anything.

As I was reading this software library out, I was just asking her various questions on how it operated, and how I think it could be improved to do what she wanted. But I was giving her too many ideas and she was like "One thing at a time [UnMarth]!". So I thougt I would tone things down and give her the simplest one she would understand.
Anyway, in the end I wrote a very simple function that did what she wanted. After the 10 minutes of her talking through the problem, took me 30 seconds to add this simple function comparing two objects. She didn't know how to write a function, which really upset me. Then again, there was little need to she was mostly chopping up sample code to do what she wanted by the sounds of things. So she has learnt to do it. Just got to be careful not to teach herself bad habits.

Anyway, that's not the interesting part, when we came to test it she passed me a cable and let me plug the device in to program it. Wasn't that difficult, but men normally in the lab do it themselves, they know what they're doing more than me. So I let them take control.

But once her devices were programmed, they worked. I was surprised as I wasn't 100% sure it would work, as I had a few doubts if it would work, mostly due to lack of experience of programming her type of device. And she gave out a little sound of excitement as it did. At that moment I turned and pushed my chair back as my attention was diverted to some one else asking me another question.

She was replied "I would of hugged you if you didn't move away" (a mere 4 inches!) This took me by surprise. I have never ever seen her hug anyone, not even her boyfriend. And I see them together a lot. I don't know if I would of received her hug warmly or with fear. Because I would get a few silly side remarks about me and her. Which is odd, because I know how certain comments go with another guy we make when she leaves the room. Where this person is often approached and asked questions for help, but he wasn't in today, so I guess I was 2nd in the chain there.

This woman in question is odd, Its not really a secret that she likes dominant men. Well after the comment she made when I said "Now now, if you two can't share the scissors, I'll take them away and no one can have them!" as she was bickering about borrowing them off some one. Saying how dominating I was then. And The guy i mentioned above who she asks for help off a lot used to work him over the summer, and he used to play silly little tricks on her. And I in the past have made some innocent remarks to her, for which she read them as being offensive. I think she must enjoy being bullied or something. This is something that clicked today.

Not that I care too much for her, I just find it interesting sometimes in the way she behaves. She's generally a subject of alienation as there isn't many girls in Engineering. And then we wonder why there isn't any girls in engineering?

Oh well, I got home that day and saw a missed delivery card note on the floor. Guess it was my laptop and no one could be bothered to answer the door in the house. I will pick that up tomorrow morning.

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