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Kinky Kapers of Kaworu!


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Tonight, I fully intend to cross the 25k mark when it comes to my XBox gamerscore.

Ah, and I also intend on entering the job market again this upcoming Monday. If I can get 10 hours a week at minimum wage, that really would be all that I would need at this point. That should be simple enough to find - easier to find a job like that than one with 20 hours a week, anyway. Wish me luck.

I spent the last week with a lung infection, which I got diagnosed with on Saturday and I have been taking some strong antibiotics since then. I really have been getting sick a lot over the last winter. The doctor theorizes that it is because I am actually getting out of the apartment and going to meetings, after spending many years in solitude in my apartment. Now I am exposing myself to germs and bacteria that my body is not used to handling, and it's not handling them very well at the moment. Then again, some of my AA friends theorize that I could have been getting very sick all the time, but I was too drunk to notice. Heh, theories like those won't help me deal with the current situation, though.

I am just a couple of weeks away from my nine-month AA coin. I plan on hosting a kick-ass party when the one-year mark comes around. Either that, or I'll reserve the tatami room at the local upscale sushi joint, only this time, nobody at my table will be touching the sake. Hmmmm..... Sushi..... Yummy. I haven't been to my favorite sushi joint in a couple of years, because I can't go in there without ringing up a $60+ bill. Maybe the next bill will be less, seeing as I won't be ordering any sake that time around.

I just found out that I will be expected to show up at a bar on a Monday night a couple of weeks from now - it looks like my younger sister will be performing a show on the stage there. Odd, I never really went to bars even when I was drinking excessively. Maybe seeing all of the drunks there will give me further motivation to maintain my sobriety.

Ah, and I am down to a size 38 waist now. I was at a 46 this time last year. Finding pants my size really was a pain, because most pants with that waist size had shorter legs than what I have got (I stand a little over 6'3").

Spiritually, I am in a much better spot than I think I ever have been. Physically, I probably am, too (despite the current lung infection). I really have little to bitch about.


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