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I stumbled across gold!

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So the other day I was shopping at Target with my girlfriend and as we pull up I see a cart nearby with something on the bottom shelf thingy. At first I thought it was a box of baby wipes, but as I got closer and inspected the package up close, it was a box of size 6 pampers! I was soo excited! I love them! I tried them out that night, I used 3 other diapers tabs as extenders and it was amazing! Of course I wore my all time fav diaper over it because I figured it would leak. Honestly I dont think it would have, but that's beside the point.
BOY OH BOY it stayed warm for a good 5 minutes, I was enjoying every second of it! I am definately going to loose a couple lbs and try and fit into the size 7 even though I doubt I can control making my butt smaller so it will fit in it, but I can dream! Either that or I was thinking about moving to china and buying their baby diapers. I think they are all together bigger.

Anyways, I'm done rambling.

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