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Tendercare/Tender review

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I've recently purchased 90 Tendercare/Tender adult nappies from Amazon. They're roughly 37.00 plus P&P so they're not the cheapest but for their quantity (90) they are pretty cheap (economies of scale).

I thought I'd give them a review as there seems to be none on ADISC. I'll focus on:



For anyone who has used Amazon it's a straightforward process and works like any other Amazon transaction. Add it to your basket, go to checkout, select payment method and hey presto! Bob's yer uncle!

You can also buy them direct from the site: Incontinence Aids, Incontinence Pants, Incontinence Products by Tender Care. However I haven't used the site so I can't comment on it.


They arrive in a large plastic black-bag/bin-liner type material so there is no way of telling that there are nappies inside. It's pretty hard to feel through the packaging so the courier won't know what's in it as it doesn't feel like a stack of nappies.

The nappies arrive in 6 bags of 15 each. The bag is about the depth of 2 reams of A4 paper and the width and height of 1 ream. This is very approximate so don't take it as gospel!


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Each nappy is folded into 3 when in the bag. Take it out of the bag and it looks just like any other nappy :P It is plain white with a very faint blue text-y wetness indicator that is almost invisible if you look in the mirror (I'm not vain, honest!).

The plastic is very soft and reminds me of the Morrison's own-brand baby nappies from a few years ago.

There are standing leak guards but there is no waistband but you don't need them as the tapes are pretty good: they don't come unstuck at all.

The tapes are two on either side and there is the Abena/Molicare style blue and white tape that you can refit and reseal. You can attach the 2nd use tape (blue one) anywhere you want and it'll stick fine.

There is no landing zone for the tapes either due to the glue strength.


The nappies feel very soft and actually very thin. I don't think that there is very much (if any) SAP powder inside and I think it's just cotton wool and paper fibre to be honest.

They are relatively comfortable to wear but the leg elastic can dig in a little bit if you seal them too tight.


The nappies don't swell up much and as I said above I don't think they contain much/any SAP. As a result they are not the most absorbent nappies out there on the market but they do hold a couple, maybe 3, wettings of average volume.

*Problems Had*

I have had size problems. I usually take a medium size nappy but the tendercare medium size is a bit too small and cuts into my thighs noticably to leave a red mark. They're not painfully tight but just secure and very snug so perhaps order a size up if you're not of average build but slightly podgy like me!

The other problem includes tapes that break off when trying to unstick them to put the nappy on.


To conclude they are not bad nappies. they're relatively cheap on a volumetric basis but they're not too absorbent. They're worth it for the casual DL and those who don't intend to pee loads! they're not good for overnight use because you might leak and get a wet bed (like i did this morning lol).

They feel good and they are relatively absorbent but just be careful you don't leak!

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    PS: I'll add pictures in due course of the packaging and nappies as an image speaks a thousand words
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    Thank you for your review. I'm looking at buying 90 from Tender-care i have bought from them in the past at 90 nappies a time. I Agree they are cheap don't hold a great deal and can leak but they do their job. Also at the price you cant really complain. When I Ordered last, they weren't Vlesi slip so i am excited to try these out. These are what im looking to buy Vlesi Slip All In One Day Pads - Multipack of 90 Pads (6 x 15) Thankyou xx - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.