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Nerd Marth

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Oh yes, Nothing shouts programming C++ on the weekend on a train better. Was mostly spending that time neating up a few things mostly. Wasn't adding new functionality. Was putting experimental code that I wanted and wrapped them neatly in some classes.

While I could be reading a book of some sorts to relax a little. Not like I spent the day before cross compiling some libraries and trying to link them with my code properly.

I realised that last week, that at times (mostly) when I was talking it had something to do with My general academic knowledge. For those at the Manchester meet will now have a grown knowledge of how video compression works. From converting color-spaces to Transform Coding and Run Length encoding.

Sometimes I think I need other hobbies. But I'm obsessed with this stuff. I love it!


  1. Squigma's Avatar
    I wish I could say I actually understood half of what you were talking about :p You did at least make video compression sound interesting, but most of what you said was way over my head >.< Not sure how much of that was your explaining skill and how much was just me not having a clue, though :p

    And, yeah, programming on trains is awesome fun
  2. recovery's Avatar
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