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I realized that this was better as a blog

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Today was very eventful then others for me. So here's the story about how my day went.

Today, I left my house with $55. I got on my bike, put on my backpack and pedaled uphill at 12:32. Before I made it to any stores, I stopped at an underpass to rest. It smelled of pee, but I didn't care. It's kinda funny actually, I said "Eh, who cares if this place smells like piss, I'll be sitting in mine soon" :P

First place I stopped by was Blockbuster, returned my games, and got some new ones.

After that, I went up the street to Albertson's and got some pacifiers. They were the biggest one I could find, but on the upside they had cool patterns on them. They were Mam Trends
I exited the store later, and got a call from my mom (I didn't tell her that I left, obviously) I almost got caught because out of nowhere my old P.E. coach and his kids passed by me and said hi. My mom overheard him on the phone, so I had to lie to her saying it was someone on XBox Live.

After that I biked down the giant hill I pedaled up, passed the pissy underpass, and stopped by the Walgreens. I was kinda sad that the store didn't carry a smaller size of the Certainty's, so I ended up getting some Depends Max Protection :/ I was kinda hoping to get something else, but oh well.

I got home and showered, but I haven't padded up yet, but hopefully soon.
That was my day, today, as I said before very eventful.

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