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I proposed to my girlfriend! Well I guess now she is my Fiance :)
Not a day goes by that I dont regret falling in love with this girl. She means so much to me and I am just so lucky and thankful that she is so understanding and loves me for me!
Just to give you a quick idea of how much she loves me, let me spell this out for you.
She went from accepting my AB/DL side (I cant believe i outed myself in a kmart via text) to buying me a goodie bag with bottles, sippy cup, kiddy silver ware, and snacks! She's my keeper!
She even said she would consider going on a baby trip with me! where I'm the baby the whole entire trip! my fingers are crossed that it happens sooner than later!
But for now i'm happy with i have now. the baths with her holding and rocking me, her tucking me in at night, holding me and letting me suck on her boobs.. Ive got a pretty good life, I just wish I had more diapers...
I feel like if I dont have a thousand diapers on reserve, I'm almost out.. and when i'm down to my last dozen, it's sooo hard not to just keep them and take them out and just visit them.


  1. LinkFloyd's Avatar
    Congrats, hope that you stay a happy couple.
    Mazel Tov!
  2. SnoozyCat's Avatar
    Congratulations! Hope you two can find happiness for a long time.
  3. duckie's Avatar
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