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7 Months in Japan

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So in 10 days It will have been a whole 7 months since I arrived in Japan. I found life was surprisingly easy to adjust to, and infinitely more fun. I've gained dozens of new friends, from every part of the globe. I joined the Aikido Club on campus, and with their help I've lost 30-40lbs so far. I've been doing some soul searching, and I like where I'm heading right now. I guess that's the biggest testament to my time spent here: I actually like myself. Sure, I still have a long ways to go yet, but overall I've achieved much.

Of course by now you must have heard the news about Japan. Luckily, my area was not affected by either the earthquakes nor the tsunami. However, the quakes did cause a huge panic in my area, and many of my foreign friends left immediately, or were forced to leave by their governments or schools. I myself have been deeply affected by the recent decision by the CSU Chancellor to cut all CSU programs related to studying abroad in Japan. Thankfully, it seems my school has found a way around it, and I'm going to be able to stay here for the spring semester. Unfortunately, many of my friends aren't getting that chance, and I now find myself the last of 4 foreign Chuo University students left in the area. With everyone gone I've slipped into a mild depression, and my family constantly nagging me to come home isn't helping.

On the positive side of things, I've done a bit of growing, and I have a new set of goals to improve myself. I've finally come to terms with not being able to have a relationship with a close male friend of mine, and I'm overall more happy because of it. He still is the light of my world, my biggest rival, and my best friend. I look forward to watching him find happiness, and I know he's always pushed to me to reach for mine. Meanwhile, I've made the jump to online dating...which I really don't have any time for, but the process, has shifted my though process from, "why I suck" to "what makes me great?" Finally, as if by magic, a friend who I used to only chat with once every 3 months or so, has suddenly taken an interest in regularly contacting me again.

So in conclusion, aside from the recent disaster and my program being cut, I'm doing well over here in Japan. I've learned a lot about about myself and the world, and things are looking bright for my future.


  1. SnoozyCat's Avatar
    Wow, its so weird that I don't really post on this site anymore but I randomly decided to browse around this night and here I am looking at the follow-up to your story half a year later. Even though we never spoke to each other, I feel that the coincidence is too great for me to just not say anything. I hope you can continue to make things work out for you in Japan and that you find what you are looking for while you are on that experience. It seems tough staying in Japan when there is all of that pressure around you to leave it but I think you are making the right decision in sticking around, you already arranged to live there the full year, you should stick it out while the opportunity is still right in front of you.

    Its cool to think that I feel that I have changed just as dramatically as you have in the same time period since I last commented on your last blog. Yeay us!
  2. Fuyuhanabira's Avatar
    Wow, that is quite amazing! Yeah, I never do get around to posting here as much as I might like either. It's so nice that people are taking an interest, and I'm happy we've both have a achieve much in these last 7 months. I should have another entry in 3 weeks to chronicle the start of the new semester. ^_^ - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.