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GameFly = Ripoff!

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I paid for my first month GameFly membership last Friday. They claim to ship six days a week, which means my first games should have shipped on Saturday. Monday morning, they still didn't ship, so I gave them a phone call.

I waited on the phone for 45 minutes until somebody finally got on the line. The dumb cunt told me my account was "on hold". Apparantly, they do not allow accounts with prepaid debit cards. They had no problem taking the money off my card, though, and they told me I could expect a refund in two to three weeks from now. There was no disclaimer on their website saying that I could not use a prepaid debit card. They took the money out of my account for services they had no intention of providing to me, and now I have to wait damn near a month to get it back.

Yeah, I am pissed off right now.


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    If you click "Help/FAQ" at the top of the page and enter "payment methods" in the search field, an article will come up listing all of the accepted payment methods. I have a regular debit card so I wasn't paying attention when I signed up if they listed in detail what was acceptable or not in regards to how to pay. However, if they don't list that stuff on the sign up page, they should.

    I've been frustrated with them in the past. For example, one time I had five or six games in my Game Q and NONE of them shipped for three weeks. I was like, "WTF am I paying you all for? I pay to receive games and you all don't send me any?" And their response was, "The games are in high demand."

    I was like, "And you all didn't anticipate that perhaps the new Halo game might be a little on the popular side when it comes out so maybe....just all should buy more copies when a new game is released? What am I suppose to do? Just rent obscure shitty games that no one rents so I'm guaranteed it will ship?"

    I was so pissed that I canceled my membership and rented from someone else. The only problem is there really is no one else to rent from. This other site I rented from had a bad website design and took twice as long to send me games. I canceled with them and had no choice but to come back to GameFly. It was either GameFly or go out and buy the games at full price.

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