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Kinky Kapers of Kaworu!

Achievement whoring

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Yeah, I got a GameFly account now, to let my true 360 achievement whore side come out.

Most of the games on my queue are games that have simple and straightforward 1,000 point goals. Heh.

For more of a challenge, I am still working on Star Ocean - The Last Hope. I have also started working on Gears of War 2, but that gamerscore is simple in comparison to what Star Ocean demands for 100% completion. Heh.

Any other achievement whores in the room? I just reached 22,000 points, but I expect that number will grow very quickly and rapidly in the near future.


  1. Near's Avatar
    You're doing Star Ocean? You are a braver man than I... good luck, comrade. As for my gamerscore, well, you know where to find it
  2. LeonSoryu117's Avatar
    11,410 right now. I don't often get games, so when I do I usually get very high GS for them. I just got Oblivion and Orange Box, so I DEFINITELY have some stuff I need to get working on. Orange box has over 99 achievements O_O
  3. bomb851's Avatar
    It's coincidental that you mentioned GameFly. I just reactivated my account earlier today and #1 on my queue is Gears of War 2. I've only got all achievements on just three games [NCAA Football 11, Madden 11, and Civilization Revolution]. I'm not a hardcore gamer by any means, but some games are just impossible to get 100% achievements on. For example, I bought Ninja Gaiden 2 years ago and could never pass like the third or fourth boss. So I couldn't imagine anyone pwning that game.
  4. KaworuVsDrWily's Avatar
    I currently have full gamerscore on 22 games (my XBox tells me I have 23, but XBox Live Labs does not count, IMO). Only seven of those completed games are retail releases - everything else is XBLA.

    I used to have full gamerscore on Dante's Inferno - then they released that horribly boring Trials of St. Lucia DLC, and I just don't have the patience to get the last 45 gamerscore on that horribly boring DLC pack.
  5. cavemans's Avatar
    ON steams alien swarm i have beat every achievement, without using those cheating maps everyone else uses. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.