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My toilet scares me

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Well actually my whole bathroom scares me. I live in a basement apartment and yesterday the repairmen were working on the water/pipe system. They had the water turned off for about 3 hours to do apparently necessary repairs.

They turned the water off in the afternoon, around 1pm and then turned it back on around 4pm. Then around 5:30pm I heard load noises coming from the bathroom. So naturally I went and checked what was going on and when I walked into the bathroom the toilet was bubbling and overflowing, and water was shooting out of the sink drain and bathtub drain. It lasts about a minute or two, and then it repeats itself once and awhile, probly did it 6-7 times now. Guess I'm getting all of the air that's in the pipes from the repairs or something. Wonder if the repairmen didn't do a good job.

Soon after that I phoned the landlord to let them know what was happening and they told me they would look into in the morning. So this morning they tell me they can't fix it until monday because today they are working on the pipes in a different building, and they think it might just go away on its own.

So I guess it's diapers for me until this problem goes away, I don't want the toilet blowing up in my face.


  1. recovery's Avatar
    the water to my house went for whatever reason, but I guess they were doing maintenance some where on the water line to our village.

    When I tried to use a tap (unaware what has happening) It kept chucking water out at hight pressure. But this is because of the air trapped in the system. Leave it following for a while so it gets rid of all the dirty water left over in the pipes. I think it might just sort it self out over time.
  2. Pojo's Avatar
    It would me a powerful bidet though...
  3. ShippoFox's Avatar
    Yep. I gotta say that would freak me out quite a bit as well.
  4. Nexeon's Avatar
    Well its getting better now, not gone yet though. Thanks for the tips. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.