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So I hear there was some sort of meet going on :P

I woke up on Saturday a hour late so I missed my bus, So I went to the bus stop and the first time I forgot my wallet. So went back and got it and caught the next bus into Aberdeen. Skip forward a few hours and I'm in Edinburgh by 2pm or so, I was the last to get in. But hey! At least I made it.

There was about 13 of us (Including me) so we split up into into 2 teams for the Scavenger hunt. First thing we did was cram like 4 of us into a phone box. Later me and Akastus dropped our bags off at the Hostel. Oh and I guess we played Bogies I think we got that video. And ofcourse Nona was the loudest.

Went a pub but I didn't have anything to drink because well they didn't have any kopparberg. Went on a ghost tour (which wasn't that scary) Then went to pizza hut. Loopy and Akastus and Mizzy went back to the Hostel but I went out. But no where would take my freaking ID So I also headed back to the Hostel.

As for sunday, I was the last to get up. Got dressed and we headed to Elephant and bagels but I didn't have any because I just ate my left over pizza Went to a few shops and then the National Museum of Scotland. And got something to eat Princes Mall. I had a subway.

Got on my bus home at 2:35pm but I didn't get home until at least 9:30pm because I was stuck in Aberdeen for a hour and a half waiting for the next bus.

Overall this weekend was awesome and if it's taught me anything that I should go out more and meet new people.

Though since Sunday I haven't been feeling myself and I haven't ate in 2/3 days. I well... hate my life here, I don't have a job and I don't go to college. I'll leave you with this
My Life

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