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It's not my Day

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So I woke, up this morning planned to at 5.30AM To get my coursework finished and try and fix my phone for the last time.

My phone has for the past week or so pissed me off. It started off failing to resolve numbers to names in my contacts for incoming text messages. I could live with that. But since then, as days go by. By phone doesn't receive messages when they are sent. it Does it when it feels like it. Till this week it flat out gave up and stop receiving messages. I played about with it last night, flashing it, restoring my data. Got no where. This morning tried something different and it seems to or resumed back to normal function! Except all the icons are in the wrong order, displays the date/time in the wrong format in the wrong place. And has none of my applications. I had to wipe the thing clean and just import my contacts, that was it. The rest broke it! So I am happy that my phone is working, it's like the only gateway for myself at the moment.

And this coursework, I don't know why I am stressing out about it, but I am. It's not added to any of my grades, but I really would like some feedback on it. And generally any practice in this module for the final exam, the better. But it's taking way to much time than is should. Way too much time. I feel like I should be comftably jogging thought it when I just happen to barely crawl though the simple 2 mile run. So I feel I am wasting time that could be better spent else where.

Oh, something that's really important? I have a presentation tomorrow that is worth a significant amount towards my degree. It's only 30-45 minutes between myself and 2 people. And I don't want to let my team down. But I feel I already have as even now I haven't prepared for it. Should of spent time on this, other than the silly coursework that is overdue mentioned above. I don't know what to talk about. I have something to show, but I am not big on explaining things, and that's where I'll be hitting the marks, so I am worried with that.

And whilst it's almost lunch time now, I haven't finished the coursework that I planned to do. Just need the analysis putting in, the plan and painstakily descriptive results are now put in. I check my watch and realise I just missed a lecture. Damn, Not the first time. And probably not the last. Time just flies past these days. And I am pissed at myself for this being the 4th lecture I have missed on a module by not keeping an eye on the time, so annoyed with myself. so annoyed.

There is also amid of other distractions as well, today I got an email asking people interested about doing something in the department to have a meeting in the lab. The lab I will be working in. So I will have to put up with a group a noisey people, their interests being something I participated in last year and I just don't favour the people involved for reasons I won't go into here. But their sillyness and naivity of planning a meeting in a lab rather than a meeting room else where (There is plenty of places to choose from) has already pissed me off, always acting in their own interests, not of that of everyone, bah I said I wouldn't go in to the reasons, but I really am on the brink of flipping out and walking home again.

Yeah, I walked home at 3PM yesterday, Why? I was working in the lab all day with just a brain fart. I couldn't work. I was going dur... Dur... I know an idea what to do. Not a specific one, and importantly no motivation. No motivation when I'm stressed and have looming deadlines? Blimely! Why don't I care anymore? I love the stuff that I do. It's just this week out of all weeks, I feel like not to do it. And It's not helping my stress out at all.

I thought I would keep things cool a little, by treating myself to having pancakes as it was pancake day yesterday. I was pleased of the result of my pancakes, and it did give me something to think about and helped a little. But I still feel shitty about myself, and this morning after realising I missed my lecture. I just wanted to crawl up in a hole. It's not nice, it's not nice, It's not nice

Anyway, Better be going to lab soon, talk to my team and sort this mother of a presentation out tomorrow. Going to have to put a positive spin on this one and hopefully work off the enthusiam my team mates have. I certainly need it! Lets hope it won't be a pretend to be unhappy, but inside it's far from the truth. I just can't explain why I am being so unproductive recently, and this was trying to get my mind set straight.


  1. Moo's Avatar
    Tough time

    What can I say? I hope things improve for you.
    Have you considered a smartphone with a customizable alarm? That might help with the lectures.

    Vitamins may help, too. Some people with low energy feel better after improving their diet.

    Not sure if these suggestions will work for you, but, I hope they do.
  2. recovery's Avatar
    The diet/vitamins thing is something i have been thinking. I don't have the best diet in the world and don't eat often as much as I should. But although pancakes are not real food. I have been practicing cooking various other types of meals. Not only to have a decent diet, but to again give me something else to think about. Although cooking doesn't really need 100% of your focus, I just like the sense of personal (mostly tasty) achievement.

    As for the phone alarm things. I have been meaning to play with my phone. But 90% of the time it's on silent. May have to look into calendar alarm events over-riding that. The normal alarm does, but needs setting up after everytime it goes off. Generally I am bad at organization, I don't really use my phone beyond phoning, texting and the occasional Email. All my calendars and other system just get forgotten about. Need a system and teach myself to keep checking and updating it. I need a universal widget between my desktops and phone. That'd be cool. Could work on doing that. I have the skills. Just the time. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.