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Baby Shampoo

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hmh well im doing a scene from cinderella and we perform tomorrow yay so today was our full dress rehersal and im the jester ...they did my hair so crazy they used about a can of hairspray but it looked so cool it was worth it the only problem how to get it out when i get home the more experienced theatre kids told me OLD THEATRE SECRET baby shampoo!!! suprisingly it gets hairspray and gel out very

well so my mom got me some today...mhmhmhmn i love the way my hair the shower i just had i scrubbed my face with it and opened my eyes yay it didnt burn o well just had to blog havent been active for a while busy with theatre

not much has been going on and i earned a nickname of little amanda there too...i wonder where they get it oh well they think im cute aparently and of course i don't mind it

yea so bye bye


  1. Samaki's Avatar
    lol seriously? If I knew that I wouldn't walk around with gel in my hair for like 2 days straight cause it won't come out XD.

    I do acting to, in fact i was in arts alive here in my county, which is pretty much a show kids from elementary to high school go to, they try out then people from all over the state come to see it and it costs like 120 per ticket. We weren't really doing acting there though just singing pretty much, but we had SOOOOOOOOOO much gel in our hair because we were supposed to be from like the 50's..
  2. Mandy's Avatar
    you still have to wash like 2-3 times depending how crazy it is but your hair will still be preety dried out so use a good conditioner - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.