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Well I'm kinda new to blogging never actually done it before XD so here it comes.

Yesterday I woke up at around 6:15 while DLing Wrath of Lich king client, then my power went off when it was at about 68% it had been DLing from the night before, so that got me pretty pissed. After 1 hour with no electricity or AC the power finally came back on, I quickly burned a CD of music (couldn't find my MP3 player) before we headed off to DISNEY! I live about 45 minutes away so it wasn't that long of a trip but it was still kinda boring XD, when we got there we had to get a wheel chair for my aunt and mess with our tickets because the stupid people gave us tickets for 3-9 year olds... When we were just about to leave the monorails broke down, so we had to ride the fairy, we stood in the fairy line fore about 30 minutes then the monorails came back online, we decided to stay in line for the boat since the line for the monorails was also getting big. When we got to the boat it took about, meh, 20 minutes to get to the park, we then took another 30 minutes changing my aunts wheelchair to a electric cart thingy, whatever they are called we finally actually went into the park at around 9. IT WAS ALL WORTH IT THOUGH! We came in and had so much fun, we are going to go to MGM tomorrow, well I guess it's called Hollywood something or rather now... The only bad part was that they closed the Pirates of the Caribbean ride which my aunt and uncle REALLY wanted to see, so we have to go back to that park tomorrow before we can do anything...

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