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Kinky Kapers of Kaworu!

A realization.

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I have come to the crushing realization that none of my problems are even the slightest bit unique. Nothing I have went through is in the slightest bit unique. None of my reactions were the slightest bit unique.

Yeah, I guess that means I really can't make the claim of being truly alone in the world any longer.

Such a realization is crushing and liberating at the same time.


  1. neonnoodle's Avatar
    Love this post. I feel the same :/
  2. Incontinent17's Avatar
    I think inwas about 17ish when I made the same discovery. Back then we didn't have the Internet (I'm 35) so really knowing how people felt was sometimes hard.

    I think places like ADISC are brilliant because there are so many people here going through lots of similar things (and not just diapers).

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