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Kinky Kapers of Kaworu!

It's amazing.

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Over the last year, I realised that I have a much better shot at developing a real social life when I am being completely honest about who I am and what I have been through and how I am living today, as well as not thinking the way I felt was paramount over everything else around me.

I'll never be a saint. But in the last few months, I have went from being a complete recluse who only talked to others through a computer screen to somebody who has something going on for him every single night of any given week. This is happening so rapidly that I really don't know how to take it, to be completely honest......


  1. Talula's Avatar
    Kawuro, it's been just over a year since you joined here, and I've been watching you progress and develop into an awesome person.

    The changes I've seen in you are really pronounced, and I love how happy and positive your blogs have been recently. You're honestly an inspiration to a lot of people. From the way you write it sounds like you've really turned your life around in a positive way.

    It's tough when big changes happen quickly in your life, but I'm confident that you'll take them in your stride and make the best of everything.

    Just be careful to take some time to yourself and not burn out
  2. KaworuVsDrWily's Avatar
    Heh, looks like I'm taking tonight to myself - I've caught another bug.

    I guess spending years of isolation in my house has really weakened my immune system, as I have been sober for almost seven months and this is the fifth bug I've caught since I had my last drink.

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