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When I'm bored, I tend to do some crazy stuff....
For example, I decide to do a Jackass parody, and go slap my brother while he's on the toilet.
Or I buy a crap load of cheap stuff that I don't need at all.
And sometimes, like today, I redecorate my living room.
Now, the thing is, I really don't like how I did it eventually
And I'm too lazy to put all my furniture back to how they first were standing
Can someone please fly over to Belgium and place my stuff back?
I have... *counts her money...* Exactly 8,56 in my wallet.
It can be all yours!
Of course, I won't be paying for your flying ticket :P

What does boredom do to you guys? Do you just stay in your couch or before the computer, or do you do crazy stuff, like me? I wanna know! ^^


  1. James707's Avatar
    I would!!! But again, absolutely no money and I need to be here for... 2-5 more years before going anywhere.

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