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Today's obsession is....
Nope, not the delicious, brown liquid (and wow, that sounded wrong xD), but the book.
The writer, Joanna Harris, did such a good job descriing everything. And although it was written in a diary-form, it also totally explained other characters' feelings and thoughts.
It won't take long until I go and get the sequal, Red Shoes.

Another obsession, this one I've had for a while, is the show called Desperate Housewives.
Most of you guys probably have already heard about it, and it's not like it's a total new thing, but with the coming of the new season, I decided to get the first season on DVD.
I was so suprised, in a good manner, that I almost immediately bought all the other seasons too xD
Yup, I'm a wacko :P

Have you guys had any recent obsessions? Tell me about 'em!


  1. LiamFiretruck's Avatar
    Descriing = describing xD
    But you guys would probably notice that anyway...
    Or do I overestimate the people of ADISC? :P
  2. Dawes's Avatar
    Buffy: The Vampire Slayer is my new obsession. Amazing television show with fantastic characterization! I find myself wanting to get absorbed into that world sometimes, so I'll consume what I can in it -- comic-books, novels, whatever.

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