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The funniest thing happened today.
I was hanging with my friends Celine and David, and my brother Jake by my pool yesterday. Celine was busy flirting with my brother lol, and I threw a pebble at her head to tease her.
Now, the thing you have to know about Celine, is that she can have a lot, but you shouldn't mess with her hair.
And that was the exact reason I did. Muhaha!
Now, the funny thing is that she thought David threw the pebble.
She turned around and started to yell at him.
I couldn't stop laughing.
Then Celine grabbed the first thing she could get her hands on, which was a can of Coke light, and threw it at David's head.
I still couldn't stop laughing.
The can was opened, so all of it fell on David's head.
But once they noticed I threw the pebble, they poured the rest of the Coke on my head, before throwing me into the pool.
Not so fun, but I still couldn't stop laughing.
And that's how I had a funny experience :P

Has anything fun happened to you guys one of the days?
After all, laughing is good, it makes us happier.
Lemme know in the comments ^_^

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