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Kinky Kapers of Kaworu!

Blog Entry #100!

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I'm not sure if I should be proud of that number, or if I should use it as an indicator that I really need to get out more.

This is blog entry #100 for me, though. I've bitched and moaned on the blog when I first started using it, and I still bitch and moan sometimes on it. It's been a little over 13 months since I first joined ADISC (that was on Christmas Day in 2009), and it's been a hell of a joy being here with all of you. Yes, I even have come to appreciate the ones of you that have come to hate me during that time - I am not infallible, I am not right all of the time, and I do need to be put in my place when the times arise.

Thanks for being here all of this time, ADISC! And thanks for letting me write 100 blog postings over the last 13 months!

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