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Gay prom summary!

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So I went to gay prom!!!

Okay so..... I went in normal clothes because I was leaving my house. When I got there, you had to get your bag checked. Which is fine. But a little akward. So she opens my bag sees the diapers, the clothes the footys and paciferss, and is just like. Okay, you good.

So I get inside go into the bathroom. They had like a shower so I striped down, put on a depened max. and my footys over it, and then attached a pacifier.

I got lots of comments on how cute i looked, and I even did some talking as a child.

so thios one girl i met there kept trying to unzip them. Because I told her I was wearing "No underwear, but some kind of protection". So later she grabbed my ass and was all lik "OMG your wearing a diaper!!! How cute!!!!!!"

So I tryed out for best dressed. So I got on stage with my pacifier in my mouth, and with Fred (my plushi) and I ****ing won!!!!!!! $25 at target bitches!

So ya... The diaper was not to obvious but still fun.

Oh so, we went to ihop after. and I changed into normal clothes, and tried wetting my diaper, but it was not put on well so it started to leak. So I put on another diaper over that, and then I was fine.

Sooo ya. Over all lotsa fun, i didnt have anyone come up and ask if I was a TB/DL but what ever! Still got out there and had an amazing time!

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