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AB or DL ?

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So I'm incontinent.

I buy nappies and have a great supply including my own changing bag to help with my incontinence.

My wife is really supportive of my medical needs and comes to hospital appointments.

But ...

And here it is .......

I'm enjoying wearing my nappies

So do I take the next step and class myself as a DL?

What do you think?


  1. LeonSoryu117's Avatar
    It's whatever you wanna make it, dude.
  2. user13640's Avatar
    It depends how you feel about it, If you like being in diapers then you like it if you dont well then you dont, Thats your decision man good luck.
  3. Bobbie's Avatar
    Ab is when you enjoy being babies, having baby stuff ect, and that includes diapers. Dl Is when you like diapers as sexual stimulation. There is so much in between though, you can be both, mostly one side, or really strongly to one side.

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