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My History involving Daipers (For better or for worse) prt 1

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I'm not sure when it began.

Earliest memory of being diapered after being potty trained: I was either 4 or 5 (I'd like to think I was 5) but even then this memory is hazy. I remember while growing up it was my favorite one, and I would often dream about it. I was staying the night at my grandma's house and because my cousin was a bedwetter and a regular guest at my grandma's house he was diapered every evening. According to my gma I had to comply to her house rules, I remember giving her a halfass protest saying "i never pee the bed", and my cousin excitely taunting me, but more than anything, I super intriguied that I could wear a diaper even though I was potty trained.

I remember we had to change into our pj's and she laid out a towell on the carpet, my cousin already accustom to the procedure took his bottoms off and layed on the towell as my gma pulled the fresh diaper out of the pack and slid it under him and taped him up. As I watched this my stomach was filling up with butterflies, I wasnt sure what I was supposed to do, I thought I could pretend and be upset about it, but i decided to act like it wasnt a big deal. My gma told me to take off my pj bottoms and lay down where my cousin had just got up from. I did so and laid there as she did the same thing pulled a fresh diaper from the plastic bag. I dont remember the brand but they were 90's diapers, the ones that crinkled. She slid it under me and pulled the front up over my goods securing it snuggly with the sticky tape (that has that very pecular sound as its peeled from a fresh daiper or peeled from a dirty diaper).

My cousin was the more vocal and comfortable about everything and even asked my gma if we didnt have to wear our pants, which she was just fine with. So from I remember the rest of the night is running around and jumping with nothin execpt a daiper and a pajama top. It seemed like it wasnt long before being tucked into bed, in fact it was too short. I woke up of course dry, because even to this day have never wet the bed (i had daytime accidents which were far and between, but that was because i was stubborn and hold it for as long as possible. I was never punished for them either because it was always just a bit of piddling.) I dont really remember the morning very much, I dont remember if my cousin was wet or not, and maybe I made this up or if it happened, but I like to think I peed in my daiper before my gma made us change into our clothes.

So that was my earliest fondest memory, and I dont know if I had that attraction before, but that deffinitly set things in motion for me. My next time in daipers wasnt as pleasant. I was 6 almost 7, and my mom was dating this asshole. He had done terrible things to me and my mom that I would rather not get into. He was a creative punisher if he wasnt beating me, but one night in particular I had pissed hime off, I cant even remember what it was, but my punishment was to wear my little brothers daiper, beacuase I was acting like a baby. I remember under most circumstance I would have loved it, but because it was a punishment he had made it embarassing for me. My little brother wasnt even one yet, and even though I was a small kid even for 7, I had a hard time putting on the daiper (which luckily he made me put on myself.) It had managed to fit into just fine, but it was a tight squeeze like a speedo, and notting compared to a nice snug. At that age I would have been fine in a size 6 Huggie and even use it for its intended purpose, i could have even managed a size 5. But I was forced to wear a size 2. He had made me strip naked and daiper myself, and when I had it on, I had to sit in the corner of our apartment stairwell wearing nothing but the daiper. I dont know how long I sat there in the daiper, and he even had company (his friends) who were just sitting there snickering try to mind their own business. Needless to say it was alot better than most of his punishments, and I even look back and regret not asking for more daiper punishments.

From that point on the only time I put a daiper was on my own accordance. When I was in 6th grade, my little brother started a bedweeting problem. I dont remember it being that bad, but my mom had again started dating another asshole. He had left me alone for the most part, but was harsh with my little brother. He would make him take 2 naps a day, and put him to bed at a really early hour, and when the bedwetting became a problem to him, he made my little brother start wearing pull ups. My lil brother was about 5 or 6, so the pullups were a decent size. At the time of him and my mom being together I tucked away my thoughts of being jealous and feeling weird desires to put on the pull ups. But after they were broken up, a half pack of pull ups sat in the top of my brothers closet for a good while, i knew because I would always think about them.

One day when I was at home by myself I decided to pull one out. At first I just examined it, I pulled it out, and I felt overwhelmed of something I had never felt before. It was really weirding me out, but I was too intriguied to stop. I first put the pull up on a stuffed animal, and I wondered what it was like to wear it I became jealous of the stuffed animal. So I did one bold step and ran into the bathroom (even though I was home alone) and pulled the pull up over jeans, what I felt was wonderful, but not enough. I began shaking of nervousness and excitement and took my jeans off and pull the pull up over my boxers (at 12 I wore boxers), it was a more intense feeling but I wanted more, so I felt like I was doing the unspeakable and took my boxers off and pulled the pull up as it should correctly be worn. The feeling was too intense for me to understand at that age, all I knew is I didnt know what to do next, and I felt like I had already gone overboard, I quickly took the pullup off and folded it as much as I could t look like it did when it came out of the package and put it back in.

to be continued...

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