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University, on a Saturday?

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for most students, they'll be out getting drunk/partying and doing what any typical young adult would do with their weekends.
But due to timetabling restrictions of getting everyone to come to this event, they put it on the Saturday. What's so special about this? They brought in people outside the uni to "train" us. I don't know what they are going to do exactly.

It's a module about Leadership. Not all students are taking it. The only main criteria to go on it was to get summer employment with certain affiliated companies. So I don't have any special leadership talents. I just have a talent for getting technical work done and working things out for myself. But it's a university scheme that grabs the interest of students with the opportunity of paid employment. The change of modules and that, we don't tend to listen too.

So we also have lectures during the normal weekday hours. And this week was not only an introduction for what the content is about and up coming assessments through essays etc... But it started off by identifying how we work and others work. And why people might not like to get along with other people's working styles. Everyone is different and communicates, organises themselves and gets ideas differently.

I have got a feeling this whole module is about getting along with people to get work done. And be able to maximise your own styles aswell as support and be compatible with others. And for tomorrow I have to read this 30 page document on leadership roles in the work place. I only read the first 2 pages and thing "What a pile of wank". Whilst interesting. I am still overwhelmed by the mass of content unable to see the bigger picture of it all. Getting confused in the rhetoric wording of it all.

Oh well, I wouldn't say it wasn't important leadership. I just can't believe I am taking a whole module in it. This isn't the first time I haven't been taught a non technical module at uni. There is the generally idea of how general products get designed and how people do what. What do document and what not. It was office skills 101. Again I thought "What a pile of wank", but I have to say it did come in useful, Pretty useful. While there never is a step by step system to do things. You are very aware of all the points being made and how certain situations can be taken care of when I was working over summer.

This leadership thing is more involved up the chain of command and talking to the corporate people. Rather than the typical office monkey. I guess they thought it was suitable for us. Because if we got employed we're obviously seen as "high calibre" students. And I do believe if you get along with people, you will get a long way, but not everyone is a people's person or very skilful with their knowledge.

Let's see how well tomorrow plays out. They said there will be free lunch! No student will miss such an opportunity!


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    Haha. A friend of mine knew Jorge when they were both at Stanford.

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