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New and first post, here goes nothing . . .

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Well, for starters I will tell a little about myself. My name is Alex, I am 16, and I like a lot of things. I am a bit a computer/ tech savvy guy, I know my fair share about that stuff, but I don't let it get in the way of my life with friends. I like listening to music, watching great movies, and make hilarious movies with my cousins. I am currently still in high school, 11th grade, I am involved in multiple school events and groups, the most significant one being track. I don't get involved in drugs or anything like that, and just recently, me and a bunch of my friends have shifted away from our old 'idiot "drugs and alcohol are my life" group' and established a new group elsewhere.

So, away from that side of me, onto my other, more personal and secret side of me. So time around the age of 11-13(can't recall the exact time) I began to wet the bed, but not frequently. I started out wetting about twice a week, but gradually reduced to about once every two weeks. For some reason this trigger a switch, if you will, in my head. I began by searching up ways to cope with this, my parents never knew, and still do not to this date. The first thing that came to mind were diapers, more precisely, goodnites. For some reason, I found myself rather...drawn to diapers. I couldn't explain it at the time, but I just wanted to wear diapers. Then it came to me, that this wasn't the first time this had occurred.

I recalled an event around the age of 4-5, in the one bathroom of my house, there was a drawer with a diaper in it. Now, so far as I know, I was in diapers till around 3, and I guess there was one left from that time. So one day I had decide to try it on, I went into the bathroom, locked it, and used the toilet. After I had finished, I opened the drawer, and began to try it on. As I was doing this, my dad was telling me to hurry up, I remember telling him "just a minute", but he was impatient. He opened the door, while I was trying it on. He just told me to get out, and I did, and that was the last time I was interested up until I was 11-13 years of age.

Then I had discovered the ab/dl/tb world. At first, I didn't know what to make of it, but the more I thought about it, the more it got my attention. Back then I was still becoming the tech-savvy guy I am today, so there were a few close calls here and there. I managed to get by unfound, I continued to peruse and find out who I am in this world. Although I have never actually worn a diaper that fits me, I do know that I do like it. As bad as this may sounds, it was great to have a niece. So, I didn't know any better, but I took a few of her diapers, but what other choice did I have at the time with the raging hormones of a normal teenage guy. Well, I passed that bridge and no longer steel from her for two reasons, I don't want to, and she's out of them.

So that just about brings me to now, 16, almost 17, and I hope as soon as I get my G2, that I can get some diapers of my own. I still wet the bed, but now I am fairly certain that it is stress related. I am not exactly sure about ab/tb, I think I will just look cross that bridge when I get to it.

And that's part of my life in a blog post


  1. Jewbacca's Avatar
    Now, if only you could turn this into an intro thread and go into further detail about your normal interests. also: Knee Grows Steel.
  2. Talula's Avatar
    This is a great start, but kind of in the wrong place.

    If you want to get some replies you'd be best posting this as a thread in the greetings/introductions fora.

    And, like Jewbacca said, expanding a little more on your other interests!
  3. user13640's Avatar
    you really should share something other then diapers i joined in 2010 but i haven't logged on since then now that i actually searched the site there are alot of things that aren't baby related like there are groups for video games sports just about anything its not hard to find someone who shares the same interests you do on this - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.