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Chronic Back Problem and Surgery

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A lot of you are already aware, but I have a serious chronic back pain problem. Since I have not explain about any of it in my blog I will start from the beginning....

Two years ago in the beginning of summer I started to have back pain in the lower back, tailbone, butt, and right leg for unexplained reasons. It started out pretty minor and I ignored it mostly. Regardless I worked with my primary doctor for a long time trying to figure out the cause of the pain. I took two x-rays and both showed nothing and so then I went to a few surgeons to get other opinions. Most said there was nothing wrong with me, but one said I had something called a Pilonidal cyst (look it up). So I was scheduled for an outpatient surgery to remove it immediatly, which was not last decemeber but the december before, so a year and a half ago almost exactly. I went through the surgery and the healing was horrible, I was given very little pain medicine and I was bed ridden twice as long as the surgeon told me I was. The outcome after the surgery was that I did have a Pilonidal and the surgery was a success (so the surgeon said) and they removed all the inflamation in my tail bone area. All of this happen from about May to December, two years ago.

The pain actually decreased but did not dissapear, until about 3 months after the surgery the pain came back just as bad as before. Come to find out after doing research on this condition, that I did not have a Pilonidal and that I was FALSELY operated on for nothing. I did not have redness, infection, or an open wound that is ALWAYS symtoms of a Pilonidal cyst. To say this least was very pissed I went through the surgery and time of appointments and suffering of healing from surgery for NOTHING!

So I ended up going back to my regular doctor in about May of 2007, a year after the pain started and about 5 months after the FALSE diagnosis and surgery. My doctor wrote me another referal to get another x-ray, and I was on my way, but I never got the x-ray cause I knew it would show nothing just like the last two showed nothing. So I tried to go on and ignore the pain and live my life. Well by the end of the summer, in Auguest the pain got really bad and I went crawling back to my regular doctor, explaining why I did not get the x-ray. So I talked him into a MRI which would show a lot more and hopefully show the cause of the pain. Anxious to get rid of the pain I got the MRI done the next day and got the results 3 days later, the results was that I had TWO Tarlov Cysts (look it up) on my Sacruum (tailbone).

I did not know what it was or never heard of it when I found this out, so my doctor gave me a number of a surgeon who deals with this condition. I called this surgeon and made an appointment and the closest appointment they had was 4 months!!! This guy was busy to say the least, so in the meantime I sent him all my information, like medical records, insurance information, and MRI. I also during this time started researching the condition and realized that it was very rare for this condition to cause pain, but when it does it can be very severe. I tried to get some pain killers from my regular doctor in the mean time until I could see this surgeon but he refused to give me anything except anti-inflammatory drugs which did NOTHING for my pain.

So since my regular doctor, who was actually still my pediatrician that I have gone to since I was a day old, I decided to get a adult doctor, since I was 19 and had a serious problem now. So I switched doctors, ironically enough, in the same building but different office. I started seeing this new doctor in about October. At first all he would give me was anti-inflammatories like my previous doctor. I tried taking them for a couple days then would give up since it seemed a waste. I returned back to him repeatedly until December when he decided to put me on 10mg Oxycontin and 5mg percocet for the pain. Which are nacotic pain killers. Well those helped with the pain but helped very little, so my next refill I told him this and he upped the Oxycontin in January to 20mg and kept the 5mg percocet.

By this time in Janurary (last January), I had my appointment with the surgeon at John Hopkins University Hospital. I had the appointment and the exam and he told me that he would do a surgical procedure called aspiration (fibrin glue injection). Which is where they give you an anti-anxiety and pain killer (keeping you awake), and sticking two needles into your spine, one to suck out the fluid of the cyst and one to fill it up with fibrin glue. So I made an appointment to get this done for June the 12th. I had to wait so long because I had to finish up the semester and could not have surgery interupt my school, since it was not life threating.

Over this 5 months of waiting for surgery I was eventually upped to 30mg Oxycontin, but the Perocet 5mg was kept the same, and I also still had my 200mg Celebrex that I had been taking the since my second visit with my new regular doctor. Well yesterday was the surgery and the surgery itself went fine. Except for after the surgery I was in EXTREME pain, because the pain killer they gave me in IV during the surgery wore off afterwards, which was a horrible surprise. So I complained until they gave me more pain killers, but they gave me something so weak that it did NOTHING! So after that I just wanted to leave to go home and take my medicine for relief, but I still had to sit there another hour to make sure I did not have a bad reaction to any of the medicine.

I eventualy got home and spent the whole day laying around yesterday in a lot of pain. Today the pain is better, but still bad. It is still too early to tell if the surgery was a success. But the surgery success rate was only 60% so I am not getting my hopes up. unfortauntly they only did one of the cysts, because it was the biggest, and they want to make sure it is going to work before trying the other. So better to take as little risks as possible. So here I am, I am okay, just wish I had a bit more medicine.

Also speaking of medicine, just recently a week before the surgery I took two urine tests for my regular doctor so he could check my narcotic pain killer levels in my urine. The reason they do this is to make sure the levels are where they should be, to make sure your not selling the prescription (high street value), and not abusing it by taking too much. Well I have been taking my prescription, not exactly as prescribed though, a little bit more than I am prescribed, like 25% more than I am prescribed. I was worried the test would come out too high, but both tests came out NEGATIVE! So now my regular doctor thinks I am selling my pills when I am NOT! So now he will not give me anymore narcotic medications, I was barely able to talk a tiny bit out of him for some after the surgery. This just makes my life 100 times worse than it needs to be. Not only am I being falsely accussed of something I am not, but if I do not get this medicine I will be very very sick from withdrawal for a WEEK!

Except I have an appointment on Tuesday with a pain management specialist doctor, for my first time. This doctor should be taking over my narcotic pain medications to prescribe to me. I just do not how that is going to go over though. Like I do not know what my regular doctor will say to him and how it will effect my medicine. He might want to start tapering me off it now because of that, if my doctor tells him about the urine tests, and my pain is not gone yet. So I am super worried about that, more than I was about the surgery.

Please feel free to comment on anything.

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  1. the0silent0alchemist's Avatar
    man.. you have my sympathies.. never been through anything close... but dunno what i can say to help just sayin i hope things turn your way
  2. Samaki's Avatar
    wow man thats really bad... I have back pains too but I think it's genetics, my dad has scoliosis spodilitis i think is what its call... its a really bad arthritis pretty much... My back hurts so much usually, I've lived with it though -,- o well i guess lol... I don't think going to a doctor would help either cause it didn't for my dad, even though he has to give himself a shot every friday, which only releives the pain a bit - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.