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Returning to the Office

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Not quite the office, but the Winter/Christmas break is certainly over now and resuming work at University. This week we are being briefed on what to do with our main projects. The general notion of it was "make up your mind for your project and get your ass in gear". Both of which I have done. Might adjust the title while it has been preliminary accepted. I won't get involved in what it's intended application is. But it runs on an ARM microprocessor, used to en/decode various media streams for which I will be writing software for. But am excited to get that under way! Going to be consuming a lot of my time this semester.

I also bought a waterproof cover for my bed. Not that I expected to leak on it. I just got curious and bought one. it makes my bed a little bit more uncomfortable, makes the surface flatter and less soft. Although it does make noise when you move around. But not that much. And it's not immediate as to what the cause is when you, for example move your leg across it.

I am mostly concerned really for heat. I don't want it to reflect my body heat like a mirror. While it is winter. I still find it easy to feel a little too warm.

I want to be an engineer so bad

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