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Okay, so I don't usually do this "blog" thing, but I wanted to say something that didn't really fit into the forums. Recently, I've gotten a contact asking to join my messenger list, who hasn't responded to my emails, and someone who requested to be my friend on XBL. I don't know if they're from ADISC or not since they never responded to my communiques, but I was prompted to post this. I'm generally open about my gamertag. I'll tell you right now: ImplantedTundra. Hit me up. And I'm happy to give out my chat and Skype addresses, just shoot me a PM and I'll give it to you, unless you strike me as a creeper, then you get reported. The only thing I ask when you friend me or add me is this: Send me a message telling me where you're from or how you got my contact data. I'm pretty open about that data, since most of it is dummy accounts for this purpose, but I still would like to know where you got the information from. If you don't declare how you obtained the information, either in an intro message or the like, or don't respond to my (probably very mean) message to you demanding where you got the information, I WILL NOT ADD YOU. Thank you.

Happy Padding, Skyler

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