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Kinky Kapers of Kaworu!

My official ragequit post!

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Yeah, I am ragequitting, right here and now!



OK, let me explain.....

Super Meat Boy keeps handing my ass to me, so I am ragequitting that game.

Hmmm..... What did you think I meant?

Thanks to ADISC for being there for me to make silly blog posts like this one.


  1. FadeLB's Avatar
    <Obligatory "ur bad, lrn2play" post>

    That said, I'm glad you aren't going anywhere.
  2. Coyote_Howl's Avatar
    there is a reason I never bought that game during the sales. Stuntman was enough of a pain in the ass
  3. Fruitkitty's Avatar

    What part of Super Meat Boy are you stuck on?
  4. acorn's Avatar
    Much as I'd like to ragequit too, alas, I haven’t even started yet.
  5. KaworuVsDrWily's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by NutFreeFruitcake
    What part of Super Meat Boy are you stuck on?
    All over the place in Chapter Two, the Dark World.

    I am not going to even try the later chapters until I clear all that bullshit under the time limits with all of the bandages. I am a completionist, and this game loves to torture the completionists.
  6. Fruitkitty's Avatar
    Have you beaten the other chapters in the Light World yet, or are you doing the Dark World versions before moving on?

    I ask because, frankly, the difficulty curve is set up so that it increases throughout the Light World, and then the difficulty of the Dark World starts about where the end of the Light World leaves off. It just makes more sense to play the game through once on the Light World, and then play it through again on the Dark World.
  7. KaworuVsDrWily's Avatar
    I have not played through the entire Light World yet. I have not started Chapter 3 yet, even. I cleared Chapter 1 in both Light and Dark, and I cleared 2 in Light, but 2 in Dark is kicking my ass so painfully at the moment.

    I'll heed your advice, and finish the Light World first.
  8. Pandemonium's Avatar
    hey KaworuVsDrWily, finish the light world first, also some of the bandages can only be gotten with the unlocked characters. i have all A+ on the light world including cotton alley (SERIOUSLY F*CK THAT PLACE) have fun doing cotton alley level 20 ^.^ its called 4 letter word took me over 3 hours to nail the timer AFTER I HAD BEATEN IT ALLREADY ^.^ - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.