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Not all AB/TB or sexual sum of us just like to be babies.

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Not all AB/TB or sexual sum of us just like to be babies. sum people liking diapers and playing with baby toys it's not all whas a turn one I don't know why every bitty jump to that sexual in the forum. one the other hand sum of you people my saith to need to mack it appoint that what you wanting to do is not a sexual thing but I don't think we should jump to the conclusion that what sum of the things we like to do is sexual.


  1. BLDragon25's Avatar
    Well there is two classifications for the Baby and Diaper Community. the Two side are simple on one hand you had the person to where that want to be treated like a real baby. This is where the person regress or plays a role as a baby and is treat as such. They are normally called Adult Baby (AB), Teen Baby (TB), or what ever else

    Now on the other side you have the Diaper Lover. These people are more involved of wearing the Diaper and doing stuff that would not be consider being a baby. Some times it does have Sexual tendencies while other just enjoy wear and nothing else.

    So in this case it can go either way and that is why some people think that
  2. Loopygone's Avatar
    I think you're over simplifying it BLDragon25. There are AB's who find it sexual, and others who don't. Just the same as diaper lovers. Some just like to wear, others get off on wearing.

    There's also a lot people who do both, depending on their mind set it can either be for comfort or for sexual release. I'm one of these, and I enjoy both aspects equally.

    Matt: I've never seen anyone jump to the conclusion that it's sexual for who ever on adisc. In fact it's one of the many redeeming features of adisc. People don't jump to that conclusion. If anything it's the other way round.
    People make sure they claim it's non sexual for them as some kind of status symbol, as if to distance themselves from people who do find it a turn on. I guess that could be seen as the person being unsure, and not wanting to be seen as a creep.
  3. LeonSoryu117's Avatar
    I'm confused by this. Personally, it seems pointless to state this for two reasons. One, it's difficult to understand what you're saying and two, if you're saying what I think you're saying, this is just another thread stating that obvious, similar to what you did before (Only this isn't really a thread, it's a blog...).

    We all clearly get that not everyone is into diapers sexually, and we also get that some people are into diapers sexually. As loopy said, though, there is a bit of a middle ground that quite a few people fall into; and if people don't want to say which they're a part of, they don't honestly have to.

    Again, I see no point in this blog post, just as with your previous thread. Point being that it's just all very obvious stuff. It's like saying, "volcanoes are pretty, but also dangerous!" it's all very obvious stuff, you see.

  4. BLDragon25's Avatar
    Apparently we can agree to disagree on the subject this matter. You can look this up on wikipedia or on any other website on this matter and it can explane it better. Here is a link for one to help you get started on the matter.
  5. Loopygone's Avatar
    See, my experience on this subject isn't from sites like wikipedia. It's from interactive with the ab/dl community for over 12 years. You're basically pigeon holing people. "If you find it sexual then you are a DL, if not then you are an AB" What does that make me?

    Granted, on average a DL is more likely to be in it for the sexual side, and an AB more attracted to the comfort side. But creating hard, defined boundaries helps no one.
  6. LeonSoryu117's Avatar
    BLDragon25: There are AB/DLs and TB/DLs, as well as AB/DL/BFs and TB/DL/BFs. Wikipedia ain't shit, really. Didn't you learn anything in school recently? (Assuming you're still in school) Teachers CONSTANTLY tell us, "Don't use wikipedia!"
  7. BLDragon25's Avatar
    I know not to use Wikipedia as a reference for while you are in school because they will just tell you to redo it, but there still some useful information on the site anyway. I would not have recommend to him if I did not check the source first. If you go and do a search on Diaper Fetishism you will get the same response on any other website, medical journal, or Shrink will tell you the same. I sorry about using Wikipedia but for the most part on what it says on the subjet is true. Here are some more links that will help you understand where I am coming from that are not from "Wikipedia".

    Understanding Infantilism (.org)

    Urban Dictionary

    So basically like I said before you have on one side the "Age Regression" side (AB,TB,etc.) or the "Sexual" side (DL). Now if there is any more confusion please look it up for yourselfs.

    Also Loop since you like both sides you are a AB/DL.
  8. LeonSoryu117's Avatar
    BLDragon: You are really, really ignorant. Dude, please realize that it's not a black and white line between TB and DL. Seriously. Some people are into the TB aspect of things ENTIRELY SEXUALLY, and others are into DL stuff in a COMPLETELY platonic sense.

    Also, UI is not a very viable website. It paints a very black and white picture of things.

    And Urban dictionary is just another 4-chan styled front for trolling. It's NOT a viable website either.
  9. BLDragon25's Avatar
    Dude lets just agree to disagree and while I am at I will give you the number to one of my shrink friends that have a Master in Psychology and he can better explane this to you. Bye
  10. LeonSoryu117's Avatar
    [QUOTE=BLDragon25;bt17485]Dude lets just agree to disagree and while I am at I will give you the number to one of my shrink friends that have a Master in Psychology and he can better explane this to you. Bye[/QUOTE]

    Ummm, no thanks? Loopy said it well enough, I've already said it, I'm not bringing a shrink into this, and neither should you.
  11. Pseudonym's Avatar
    Okay, so what I get you're saying is that for some of us, *B/DLism is sexual, and for others it isn't. In a nutshell, it's what we've all pretty much known. So can we all PLEASE move on from what looks like a VERY stupid argument?
  12. Bobbie's Avatar
    I'm part that just wants to be little and innocent. I used to be obsessed with diapers, but now I love pacifiers, bottles (though I don't have one) and occasionally have no responsabilities for a change. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.