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Omg i hate my life.

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No I am not emo lets get that off first.

Anyway my life is a weak my half-sister beats on me scratches me and now even bites me. She is 21 and only here for the summer but I can not stand this. elf and hurt her i just get yelled at even if i don't do anythin back. Her boyfriend is just an a hole to; tried to choke me with my own arms while twisting them behind my back.

My 17 year old half-brother is no better, i mean he hits me at random moments and always gets away with it. I do get yelled at for this too.

ALso as some members alreadfy know i live with my grand parents never knew my dad and my mom works too much. Oh and my stepfather is ill with sevral diffent things.

I don't know what to do about any of this stuff ever. I mean come on i have no friends and nowhere to go to get away from my house.

On top of all of this my computer barely runs. It's going at half compacity and is still overheating. Oh and nowhere near me sells parts so i have to order them.


  1. Silikon's Avatar
    I'm honestly starting to wonder if you're an expert troll when it comes to angst. As i've said before you need to do something about it like call social services or something along those lines. There's plenty you can do contrary to your belief.

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